A CHARITY dedicated to the memory of a stolen foal will be hosting it’s first open day on Sunday from 2pm and 5pm.

Cecil’s Horse Sanctuary are inviting people to meet the ponies at Elstree Hill.

Julie Blake, 57, has been saving horses for 15 years and decided to become a registered charity in honour of Cecil who was stolen at just four weeks old.

Julie named him after her father, who had recently died and she was devastated by losing him.

She said:”No matter how long someone else has owned him, he is still ours.

“It sounds romantic but I feel like I would know if he had died so I just keep looking for him.

“If someone was prepared to take such a risk in taking him then I can only hope they would be willing to look after him, although I know that may not be the case.”

Now Julie and the team of volunteers look after 20 ponies at Elstree Hill.

Once they have recovered, they are taken to a 10-acre field in Luton or other paddocks used by the charity.

Many of the horses enjoy staying at the main centre as they love to engage with the children and visitors.

The majority of animals rescued by the sanctuary have been abandoned.

Julie added: “People cannot afford to take them to the vets and don’t realise that charities will take them for free.

“I’m sure the decision is not taken lightly and that they have been through a lot of heartache.

“It’s been a lot of blood, sweat and tears to set this up and sometimes it is soul-destroying, but there is always more to be done.

The sanctuary will be open Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons.

Many of the colts cannot be taken to liveries because they are unruly and have not been castrated, which the centre does immediately.