A burst water main in Barnet means more homes will go without water and others seem to have been flooded.

The Times Series has reported of five instances in the last two months of homes going without water due to issues with supply, emptying reservoirs and burst water mains.

Affinity Water announced today that another water main has burst on Great North Road, leaving the A1000 closed.

The company has named 29 streets in Barnet that will likely be affected, while some residents nearby fear the road will be closed for at least five days.

In Greenhill Park and Dinsdale Gardens, some homes appear to have been flooded, with residents leaving the doors open to dry off the water.

An Affinity Water spokesperson said: “We are sorry for any inconvenience caused by a 14” burst water main on the Great North Road, at the junction of Green Hill Park, which has caused some local flooding.

"Our technicians are on site and the repair has been completed.

"Whilst these works were being carried out, they isolated the damaged section of pipework to restore water to customers though some customers may have had a lower water pressure than usual whilst the repair was being undertaken.

"The Great North Road, at the junction of Green Hill Park will remain closed whilst repairs are carried out to ensure the safety of our customers and commuters.”

"We would like to thank our customers for their patience whilst this essential work is carried out."

The spokesperson also confirmed that some houses were flooded and they would be working to ensure any damage is repaired.

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