As the County Council elections draw nearer the main political parties have released their manifestos.

On Thursday, May 4, on third of councillors throughout Hertfordshire will be up for election.

Councillors from Borehamwood and Bushey are looking to hold onto their seats.

The Hertfordshire Conservatives 20-page manifesto outlines the party’s former successes in the four years.

The document outlines aims to help the economy, the elderly and vulnerable and children.

It says: "While central government works to balance the books nationally, it has continued to reduce the financial contribution to local services from the national taxes we all pay.

"Locally, we have tried to keep the council tax as low as possible, while
protecting and improving front-line services.

"This has meant that we have been able to reduce the total amount we
spend each year while still funding the costs of our growing and aging
population, inflation and other financial pressures."

They promise among other things to make sure there is a school place for every child and get total coverage for superfast broadband.

The Labour Party want to challenge the cuts to services and plan to put more into public services.

The Hertfordshire Labour group manifesto reads: "This year’s County Council elections show stark differences between parties and how they value Public Services and how the Tories have failed.

“Hertfordshire Labour party has focused on the state of those services and how they should be provided; to meet the expectations of residents who demand excellent services in return for their Council Tax contribution.

“Massive cuts to Adult Care, NHS, street lights, buses, road maintenance, children's services and education has put all of these at risk.

“A Labour administration will make better choices with your money to benefit all. We are also committed to extending the London Freedom Pass for Hertfordshire residents.”

UKIP do not currently have any representatives in the area, but are hoping to change this and challenge the view that they are more than a one issue party.

Rather than focusing on Brexit, they aim to reverse the cuts to NHS nursing staff by cutting the number of managers, providing a 24/7 medical centre in Hertsmere, keeping street lights on and cutting councillors allowances.

Deputy Chairman of UKIP Hertsmere David Hoy said: “I’m sick of hearing that UKIP is a racist party.

“We are a baby party started from the grass roots and we are standing up for things that affect people in their everyday lives.

“We won’t be ignored and we are here to stay.”

The Liberal Democrats have a six-point plan to combat issues in Hertfordshire which include providing more public transport, easing congestion and tackling issues with highways and pavements.

They also aim to provide fixed school places, focus on helping the elderly and vulnerable and promise to make funding go further by selling off unused council properties and cancelling the council publication Horizon.

Their manifesto reads: “The Conservatives have run the County Council since 1999.

“Since then the County Council has become ever more remote from the real needs of local people.

“Liberal Democrats believe that there are a number of key areas which need urgent attention.”

The Green Party were contacted for comment.