A father received death threats online after highlighting the risk of  children cycling on the road.

Andrew Roland, 49, was driving when he witnessed two children cycling down the middle of Elstree Way on Thursday April 6.

Mr Roland’s dashcam recorded one boy wheelie-ing past traffic at the lights near the fire station The other turns to put his middle finger up at a stationary car and continues cycling without holding onto the handle bars.

Many community members have expressed their concern on Facebook groups, with many parents advising that they would want to know if this was their child.

Mr Roland posted a pixelated images of the children with a tongue-in-cheek statement rating the ability of the cyclists.

Mr Roland said: “I knew it was a massive issue around here, but this is the first time I’d actually seen anyone cycling like this.

“I could not believe what I was seeing. To think that anyone could be so silly to do this on the roads.

“They are so brazen and silly not to realise the danger to themselves and other people.”

Instead of showing concern for the children, someone claiming to be the mother of one of the children demanded that the image be taken down and calling Mr Roland a c***.

She and another Facebook user sent abusive messages to him advising him to "choose a grave".

Mr Roland said: “I blurred the pictures so that only the parents would recognise the children.

“But they did not show any concern about the children’s safety.

“It is shocking that people would take this approach.”

Hertfordshire Police have been contacted for comment.