Sorbet Salons began as a beauty franchise in South Africa, arriving in the UK in 2015. It now has four London stores in Mill Hill, East Finchley, Crouch End and Muswell Hill.

They offer a range of treatments from facials, manicures, waxing and tanning. I went along to Mill, Hill, their newest opening, for a Full Power Manicure and a Mini Me Pedicure.

I began with the pedicure somewhat tentatively, feeling shy at the prospect of a stranger handling my feet but after my beautician got straight to it without attempting to force awkward chatter, I began to relax.

Coffee in one hand, magazine in the other, I let her work her magic and two weeks later (don’t judge me for not having removed it), the pedicure remains perfect.

We then moved on to my manicure which was surprisingly soothing. I was a little taken aback at how much I enjoyed a hand soak, followed by a sumptuous exfoliating scrub before being lathered in lotion with a lovely little massage.

After getting rid of my cuticles with ease and speed, a definite plus as this is a fairly dull process to watch, the painting began.

As she put the base coat on I took the opportunity to ask how to better improve my nail health, as mine break and flake constantly.

She asked how often I paint my nails. I replied: “Always.” She then asked if I use a base coat, to which I replied: “Never.”

She raised an eyebrow and informed me I had answered my own question.

She explained why it was important to use a base coat, to protect the nail from the chemicals of the varnish, which is then added to with chemicals from nail varnish remover. She also advised I gave them a break to breath from time to time.

Unfortunately my manicure hasn’t lasted as long as the pedicure, but considering my poor nail health and the fact I go swimming from time to time I think a few days of perfection is pretty good.

The ladies at the salon were lovely and didn’t force too much conversation, which is a bugbear of mine, so I thoroughly enjoyed my treatments.

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