A project management analyst turned blogger has turned her words into a book, Overcoming Life’s Challenges.

Franca Lawrence, 45, from Borehamwood, was initially encouraged by her friends to pursue a writing career. Three-years-ago she began blogging instead, soon attracting more than 40,000 readers to her posts on problems you face in daily life.

Franca says: “I was doing a lot of writing on my Facebook page and I kept being told I have a gift for writing and that I should write articles for a newspaper or become a writer.

“I was too focused on my job at the time and didn’t want to change my career path, so I decided to create a blog and write on topics that I was passionate about.

“The main purpose of my blog is to provide guidance and personal empowerment to help my readers broaden their perspective, open their minds and help them make, meet and exceed their goals in life.

“Most of my articles are about dealing with a lot of life issues; about love, relationships, family, health, grief, work, religion, career and topical issues. My goal is to touch someone out there and hopefully give them the courage to do whatever it takes to deal with some of life’s challenges and improve their emotional health, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

“You will find an answer and some perspective on whatever you’re going through or just be inspired and I have now adapted my best articles into this book.”

Based on many of Franca’s own experiences as well as that of her friends’, Overcoming Life’s Challenges is a self-help book with a personal touch of her own experiences.

The book’s chapters deal with unemployment, parenting, unplanned pregnancy, adultery, lone parenting, HIV, divorce and breakups.

Franca adds: “Overcoming Life’s Challenges is about the various difficulties we pass through in life, viewed from different perspectives, including my own. It is filled with human triumphs and mistakes.

“I have been told the narratives are both funny and interesting. What sets Overcoming Life’s Challenges apart from other self-help books is that it covers a range of varied topics.

“I have been told the narratives are both funny and interesting. It is fluid, entertaining and informative all at once.”

Overcoming Life’s Challenges is published with Publish Nation. Details: publishnation.co.uk