A Polish man in hoping to lubricate the national conversation - and avoid potential import duties - by distilling a vodka with a Brexit theme. 

Przemek de Skuba Skwirczynski, 34, of The Avenue in Radlett, was thinking of joining the craft gin industry following the result of the referendum last year.

But the idea to distill a vodka, specifically around Brexit, emerged because of what will happen when the UK leaves the EU.

Borehamwood Times:

Mr Skwirczynski said: “When we leave the EU we will not be staying in the EU market.

“I thought because of this there will be a market for a locally made vodka. I am from Poland originally and it is quite normal to drink vodka there.

“In Poland vodka is named after events that has happened in the country. Brexit is clearly a monumental event for this country.

“This why I have named the vodka Brexitovka.”

The slogan for the vodka is ‘celebrate Brexit in style or drown your sorrows with Brexitovka’ meaning both sides of the Brexit campaign can enjoy the drink.

Mr Skwirczynski said: “A lot of people in Poland know how to distil vodka. They can taste the quality.

“People know what good vodka is meant to taste like and how to make it. Brexitovka is a premium vodka but there is not many of those in the UK.”

The vodka is currently distilled in Norfolk in a friend’s distillery called Arch Angels.

Despite only starting the vodka brand in February, Mr Skwirczynski has already given a taster session to UKIP members as he believed they would be the ones who would like a Brexit-influenced vodka.

The vodka is currently able to be bought online but Mr Skwirczynski is hoping to start distributing it around local bars and pubs in Hertsmere and Watford.

He said: “I want to expand the business. Vodka takes a long time for it to be ready and I am making regular trips to Norfolk to make sure the taste is spot on.”

A bottle of Brexitovka can be ordered here: https://www.brexitovka.com/