Three decades of collecting materials formulate Carole Smollan’s fibre art paintings.  

Carole describes her art, which is dyed, stitched, embellished and painted, as “collective memory”. Her particular skill is SHIBORI, the art of Japanese mark making.

She began her career as a lingerie designer in lace for a Swiss company, moving into fibres 20-years-ago after moving from South Africa where she worked as a ceramist. 

She has exhibited in galleries and museums worldwide, most recently at the Yeshiva University Museum in New York where her show, which was scheduled for four months, ran for an additional three.

Carole says: “I am essentially a colourist, as the reds golds and oranges reveal themselves in the bright sun against the blue sky my paintings become more joyful and full of colour.

“As someone from the African continent who is used to bright blue sky it took me decades to get used to the difference in the light in London and the constant grey skies. The shapes and wonder of nature are my main inspiration, while I explore and experiment with the technicalities of the mediums available in today’s art market.”

Influenced by autumnal colours, Carole’s current exhibit at the Reel Cinema in Borehamwood reflect on the colours and shapes of nature. She uses silk and velvets and many modern methods of fibre

Reel Cinema, 84 Shenley Road, Borehamwood, WD6 1EH, Thursday, December 15 2016 until, Thursday, February 2 2017. Details:,