The way in which we interact with music has dramatically changed over the past 20 years.

Some of us still insist on finding our way down to a record store and browsing through racks of titles. Some order CDs online and have them delivered to their door.

But more than anything people choose to hear something they like, then conveniently download the music to a device like a phone or laptop.

Big players in this field, like iTunes, have lots of music on offer but don't physically work with the music creators by recording them in the studio; enable creators to collaborate with other musicians; or, promote their finished product.

A new record company based in Harrow, i2 Music Group, does all the above.

The company was created by Errol Michael Henry, who is no newcomer to creating music. Not only is Errol a musician himself but he cut his teeth in the music industry by producing artists including Lulu and Bobby Womack.

“The recording industry has undergone massive changes during the past few decades” Errol explains. “New technology has forever altered the way that people create, distribute and consume music.

"I wanted to build an organisation that was well suited to the digital age: staffed by people who are passionate about genuine artistry, but also knowledgeable enough about a diverse range of industry facets to deliver expertise and properly serve the needs of creators and consumers alike.

“My core idea was to create an environment that connected talented people not only with each other, but also directly to end-users in an efficient, seamless way. Clearly this was not a small undertaking and many years of research, plus identifying and building relationships with long-term partners in numerous countries took some time to accomplish.”

The label has been working on projects with names including Jah Wobble and key members of The Average White Band - now called Three Sixty - and The Sharks (Steve Parsons, Chris Spedding and Paul Cook from the Sex Pistols).

Its first release is a four track EP made up of a heady mixture of R&B, Hip-Hop and classically laced soul with performers hailing from London, New York and Atlanta showing up on the songs.

Errol adds: “I am absolutely delighted with what we have achieved so far and the response we have received from artists, record labels, sales outlets and the wider media has been extremely positive.

“I know from personal experience just how hard it is for creative people to make it in what is a ferociously competitive business. The i2 Music Group exists to create a clear pathway for people to present their products to a global audience, whilst still enjoying input, drive and support from a local, UK based company.

"There is still plenty of work to do but with the team here, plus new artists and labels joining every day I have no doubt that we will achieve our stated goals.”