Campaigners have collected nearly 7,000 signatures supporting the fight to get Radlett fire station reopened.

Stephen Oakes-Monger, a member of Save Our Fire and Rescue (SOFAR), whose great-grandfather was one of the village's first firefighters in 1907, handed the petition in to Hertfordshire County Council headquarters on Monday.

Leader of the council, David Beatty, was not there to receive the petition, so it was given to his secretary.

Mr Oakes-Monger said: "Hertford-shire County Council claims that we have an average of five fires a year. But in the space of two months this year we had four fires.

"I hope they will look into the fact that almost every household in Radlett, nearly all the businesses, restaurants, church leaders, borough and parish councillors and headteachers, have signed this petition.

"This overwhelming support shows we require a fire station."

But the county council has refused to back down on its decision to close the station.

A council spokeswoman said: "The closure of Radlett Fire Station was preceded by a lengthy and extensive consultation exercise in which the public and interested parties were able to comment and ask questions about the proposal.

"The county council responded to all points which were put forward at the time. Since the closure, the residents of Radlett have received a level of fire cover in line with the rest of the county and have not faced any increased risk."

Radlett Fire Station was permanently closed by Hertfordshire County Council last October, despite a long-running campaign and offers of funding to keep it open.