A Borehamwood-based charity hosted an interfaith day in its warehouse.

Goods for Goods is a Borehamwood charity which donates socks and other clothing, toothbrushes and stationery for Syrian refugee adults and children.

On Sunday March 20, the North-West London Muslim-Jewish friendship group Unity actively held the event on Sadaqa Day – a day of social action organised by the Muslim community, inspired by the Jewish Mitzvah Day.

Rosalind Bluestone, the CEO of Goods for Goods, said: “Goods for Goods send humanitarian aid consignments to refugee camps in Northern Iraq and Syria on an ongoing basis.

“We were delighted to host this exciting volunteer activity in our warehouse, which resulted in us being able to send more humanitarian aid to the refugee camps in Syria and Northern Iraq.

“We source goods from British industries and communities. We also send regular trucks of aid to refugees living in absolutely appalling conditions.

“Imagine having no nappies for your baby, or shows for your child. Imagine not having a blanket to keep you warm at night.

“It’s totally unimaginable what millions of human beings are having to endure. It’s inspiring that Jewish and Muslim women have united to make a huge impact and difference.”

Women’s groups Unity, a friendship group of Jewish and Muslim women in North London, were also invited to the event.

Unity project coordinator Radha Dudhia said: “Working together in this way on social action initiatives is really important and means a great deal to our members.

“We are able to build understanding and friendship between our communities whilst helping those in real need.”

The group also supported Jewish-Muslim Women’s Network Nisa Nashim Harrow’s Sadaqa Day project funding and packing lunches for the homeless at Stanmore Mosque.