The future of the Aldenham Reservoir is concerning residents and the MP for Hertsmere as the new developing company are planning to submit a proposal.

Elstree and Borehamwood Residents Association (EBRA) says Liberty Lake Leisure Ltd has bought the lake from the previous owner Safari Investments after an earlier scheme to repair it in return for permission to build homes was rejected.

Property developer Liberty Aldenham withdrew an application to build 150 new homes on the land, a third of which would have been affordable housing.

The new company Liberty Lake Leisure Ltd, which is owned by the same men as Liberty Aldenham, has not revealed any plans for the reservoir.

Aldenham Renaissance Ltd took over the running of Aldenham Country Park in 2012 with the aim of connecting people to the countryside.

Borehamwood Town Cllr and member of Aldenham Renaissance Pat Strack said: “I’m not really sure what they are trying to say.

“We want to ensure the Reservoir stays for the residents. I am not really sure what game they are playing.

“A lot needs to be done between all sides. Most importantly we need to keep the Reservoir open for the residents who have used it for nearly 200 years.”

MP for Hertsmere Oliver Dowden wrote to Liberty Lake Leisure Ltd asking for answers about the future of the reservoir.

He asked whether the company will be fencing the boundary around their property which will close certain entry points to the Reservoir. This, for Mr Dowden, was a cause for concern.

Mahesh Gosrani, director of the company, said in his reply: “The future of the Reservoir should not really be a concern for anyone other than its owners.

“It has been there for 200 or so years and doesn’t look like it’s crumbling anytime soon.

“Whether our wish, to keep it open for the public, improve and enhance the facilities for the community and prepare and safeguard it for the future generations, is fulfilled remains to be seen with anxiety.”

Mr Gosrani also revealed in his letter that they wish to host a public meeting in early April where they will present their proposals for the reservoir and the land.

He Dowden said: “I was very disappointed with the response I received from Liberty Lake Aldenham.

“I wrote to them in order to relay the concerns that have been expressed to me by constituents regarding the future of the Reservoir and to seek assurances regarding its future. Unfortunately their response has only served to heighten my concerns.

“The response I received showed little to no sympathy towards the anxieties felt by many of my constituents regarding the future of the reservoir.

“The reservoir is a key community asset and has been enjoyed by many for generations, including by my own family.

“For Liberty Lake Leisure Ltd to make the comment ‘the future of the reservoir should no really be a concern for anyone other than its owners’ really beggars belief and demonstrates a complete lack of awareness regarding the importance of the reservoir to the community.”

Mr Dowden has called for a meeting with representatives from Liberty Lake Leisure Ltd.