A family is urgently appealing for help to fund for private housing following the death of the mother’s carer.

Lara Croft, from Crown Road, in Borehamwood, has Elders Danlos Syndrome meaning she has severe arthritis in her spine and other joints and her condition has gradually got worse.

On Valentine’s Day this year, her husband Paul Croft suddenly died at Barnet Hospital after suffering two strokes. Now his family are needing to be rehomed due to Mrs Croft’s disability.

Mrs Croft said: “We were married for four and a half years but together for 13. He was my main carer. I still feel Paul in here.

“I would like to leave but I don’t want to leave Borehamwood. I have my friends and family here.

“Since I moved into the house it has been broken into twice and it is where Paul had a heart attack. It seems the house is cursed.

“I am unable to get up the stairs of my house and I am wanting to move to a bungalow but there doesn’t seem to be anything suitable in the area.

“The council have one-bedroom bungalows but it won’t be suitable for my needs now that I have lost Paul.

“I use a wheelchair to get around and Paul was my carer but he passed away on Valentine’s Day. I haven’t been out of the house much anymore because it is too difficult.”

Mr Croft was taken to Barnet General Hospital on January 31 where he was told he had an infection in the pancreas and he could barely talk according to his family.

After complaining about the lack of feeling in his legs it turned out he had a haemorrhage on his spine.

He had two strokes and doctors confirmed he was brain damaged and then he died at Barnet General Hospital on February 14.

Mr Croft was Mrs Croft’s main driver and since his passing, she has been unable to go outside as she cannot wheel herself around the town.

Currently the family live in a three-bedroom house and Mrs Croft’s daughter Amber O’Donnell has taken on the responsibility as her main carer.

Miss O’Donnell currently lives with her mother and her four-month-old child and is raising money for the deposit, removals and the first month rent to help the family fund a bungalow.

Mrs Croft said: “St Albans District Council suggested a house swap but there aren’t any houses that can accommodate my needs.

“We are trying to raise money for private housing but after adding everything together we need roughly around £3,000. So far we have raised around £260 so far in about two weeks.”

Mr Croft’s funeral will be held on March 11.

To donate money to the family, visit gofundme.com/laraandpaul.