A DEFIBRILLATOR was placed in Borehamwood after the project group were donated with the equipment.

On October 21, Councillor Pat Strack and other town councillors met in Borehamwood Library in 96 Shenley Road to unveil the commemorative plaque showing the location of the defibrillator.

The campaign is headed by Lawrence Stack who has been working on getting defibrillators placed in the town since June 1, 2015.

Mr Stack said: “This is something I feel very strongly about and we need to get first aid training into schools.”

Before the plaque was unveiled, Cllr Strack gave a speech thanking everyone who was involved in the campaign.

Town Mayor, Richard Butler, was also there to assist Mr Stack with the unveiling of the plaque.

The unveiling at 96 Shenley Road attracted many people from the town and the large turnout shows how important this campaign is for the town.

The whole project was a big community effort with Thameslink Manager James Gillett giving two free training sessions and Bob Redman from Elstree Heritage who helped with the designing plaque.

The project group includes town councillors Gary Silver and Eric Silver who have worked to get two defibrillators donated from pharmaceutical companies.

A defibrillator costs around £800-£1000 and the project group are working to get more around the town through donations.

There are other defibrillators in the town including the Civic Offices and the ambulance station and the Borough Council have continued to train first aiders.

The project group will unveil the next defibrillator in Elstree and Borehamwood train station over the next few weeks and then it will be one every week.