His music may evoke the sultry summer heat of the Mediterranean, but German-born singer songwriter Facio is well and truly in love with London.

Three years ago, the 43-year-old musician, whose real name is Klaus Zirngibl, moved to East Finchley to further his already blossoming career in the music industry.

“What I like about London is it’s such an international place,” says Facio, who has recently released two new EPs If I Was A Sailor and Romantic Mediterranean Guitar.

“All the time I meet musicians from everywhere, and this is marvellous,” says Facio. “You can’t get this in Munich – it’s a huge difference.”

The guitarist began his music career playing in bands back home in Munich, but he eventually decided to develop his musical style as a solo act.

After playing many gigs and several large festivals in Germany and Switzerland, Facio finally took the plunge and moved to London, playing at the Roundhouse in 2013.

“Everybody loves it – it’s the pop music capital,” explains the artist, who admits when he first moved to the city he would play open mic nights nearly every day.

But it was thanks to his tireless performing that Facio got to know people in the film industry, leading him to work on the score for the short comedy drama You Look Stunning Too, which appeared at the Cannes Film Festival in 2013.

“It’s just something special that I like to do,” says the multi-talented producer.

“For me it’s a great experience to write for pictures. It’s completely different. It’s something I would like to do in the future.”

But for now, he is busy rehearsing for his upcoming show at Midsummer Muswell, a music festival in Muswell Hill later this month.

He is set to perform alongside guitarist Robert Hirt, who has worked with him in the past.

“I had never heard about Muswell Hill before I came here, but it’s such a lovely place,” laughs Facio, who has since played many times in the area.

“I hope it will be a sunny day, I think our music would fit well with a sunny day.”

Inspired by the Mediterranean culture, the keen traveller developed a passion for the region at an early age.

“I started very early to learn classical guitar, Spanish guitar and a little bit of Flamenco as well,” he recalls.

“This is what brought me into this whole Mediterranean world very early. As soon as I learned a few chords I started to write my own material.”

As a young boy, Facio’s parents suggested he should pursue music after he picked up his aunt’s old guitar one day and tried to play it.

He went on to compose his first song aged nine and he hasn’t looked back since.

Facio’s music covers a range of styles, from world music, to pop and reggae.

And the singer writes his lyrics in a variety of languages too, including Spanish, Italian and Turkish.

“I’m very inspired by the continental atmosphere,” muses Facio, who was given the stage name by a former girlfriend.

“I travel a lot around the Mediterranean Sea and I like the whole ethos and the influence of artists from there. What I really like is the huge mixture of cultures – of course I love the sun and the sea and the temperatures. For me it’s a very romantic place as well.”

And, somewhat fittingly, the musician recorded his EP Romantic Mediterranean Guitar on a trip to Corfu – an experience he said had a positive impact on his music.

“It’s such a relaxed place – I have a glass of red wine, I have delicious food, of course there’s a huge difference,” he reflects.

But Facio is perhaps most at home when he’s playing live, using his special percussive playing technique to get his audience up and dancing.

“For me it’s the greatest thing,” he says. “Recording is a nice thing but it’s nothing like playing live.

“This is what I really like, when I see people who are dancing and enjoying the music.”

Midsummer Muswell, Muswell Hill Square, Muswell Hill, Saturday, June 20, 2pm to 8pm. Details: muswellites.com