Neighbours have raised fears that rats could run amok in a street they say has become a “disgraceful” fly tipping hotspot.

People in Beech Drive, Borehamwood, say their road is constantly blighted by old armchairs, bin bags full of food and cardboard boxes.

Whenever Hertsmere Borough Council clears the rubbish away, a new batch is left in its left in its place days later.

Derek Wiles, 75, said: “It sickens me. It’s as though they’ve shut the Borehamwood Dump and relocated it to Beech Drive.

“I am sick to death of it, it makes me very angry. It’s such a disgrace. The area is a lovely green and people should appreciate it.

“We aren’t used to all this muck over the place.”

The area is yards from a stream where rats are regularly seen, and Mr Wiles says he and his neighbours fear the rodents will be attracted to the mess.

Householders often return home to find the bin bags have been gnawed at and ripped apart by animals, leaving rotting food strewn in the street.

Mr Wiles is now calling for CCTV cameras to be installed in the area or a notice threatening offenders with prosecution, but claims the authority told him this could not be done.

He added: “It’s a real eyesore. I’ve complained and complained again but it doesn’t seem to be helping. I just want it sorted.”

Cllr Jean Heywood, Hertsmere Borough Council's environment councillor, said: “As well as being a blight on our parks and countryside, fly-tipping is a serious crime for which a court can impose an unlimited fine and up to five years’ imprisonment.

“We are committed to doing all we can to tackle fly-tipping and work closely with the police to trace and apprehend offenders. 

“During 2014, we issued nearly 50 warning letters, eight cautions were issued and four offenders were prosecuted.”