Are you an average Strictly Come Dancing fan? And what distinguishes you from other fan groups?

YouGov, the firm best known for compiling opinion polls ahead of elections, has released a sample of data they that profiles people with certain interests.

The pollsters have combined data from their 190,000 members to create an online generator that can produce the age and lifestyle of the audience for any football team or business.

As Strictly is Borehamwood's best-known product, the Borehamwood Times looked up the profile of its typical customer from 1,931 fans on YouGov's database.

The average Strictly Come Dancing fan is a woman aged over 60, typically living in Yorkshire, the West Country or Wales.

With less than £125 disposable money remaining each month, the average fan leans strongly to the right of the political spectrum – with typical professions including healthcare, home and garden or the entertainment industry.

Different forms of cake make up their favourite foods, including choux buns and maid of honour tarts, while hobbies can include going to the theatre, quizzes and knitting, and a cat is their pet of choice.

Her family is very important to her, and thoughts often consist of worries about debt and money.

Her liking of dance-offs and drama means stars such as Cilla Black and Michael Ball are among her favourite celebrities, along with a penchant for the Daily Mail and the Good Housewife.

Meanwhile, X-Factor viewers range in age from 40 to 59-years-old with typical professions including entertainment, healthcare and travel.

The full report on the average Strictly fan can be found online.