Children will get to learn new digital skills when an award-winning web design comany hosts nation-wide festival.

Cyber-Duck, of Elstree, will be one of just 61 centres across the country to host the Young Rewired State Festival of Code.

The event, which takes place from July 28 to August 3, will see hundreds of children learn web development skills and build their own products for mobile and the web.

Cyber-Duck will host children next week, helping them to develop digital products such as apps, programs and websites.

As well as acting as hosts, Cyber-Duck will provide advice to students on the design and programming phases of their projects.

Managing director Danny Bluestone said: “Encouraging the learning and development of young people is something we are very passionate about. We are a young, energetic team ourselves and many of the Cyber-Duck programmers taught themselves to code at a very young age. By offering this rare opportunity, we want to show children that with the right guidance they can turn their exciting and enthusiastic ideas into reality.”

The students from all regional centres will then come together in Plymouth for a “show and tell” competition.