Borehamwood has some new residents following the launch of Big Brother 2014.

The first of two live shows last night - the second is tonight - welcomed ten new housemates to the compound at Elstree Studios, in Shenley Road.

This year's theme is power, which will see housemates battle against each other to take control.

But who are the contestants that Big Brother will be spying on?

  1. Tamara Stewart-Wood:  Borehamwood Times: Londoner Tamara said she'd do anything to win the show, earning her a few boos as she was unveiled.
  2. Mark Byron: Borehamwood Times: With a number of reality TV shows under his belt, including The X Factor and Shipwrecked, Mark is hoping Big Brother will be easy for him.
  3. Helen Wood: Borehamwood Times: Bolton mum Helen is already well known in her own right, after she hit the headlines three years ago following a scandal involving England footballer Wayne Rooney.
  4. Steven Goode: Borehamwood Times: Fourth contestant Steven, from Bushey in Hertfordshire, says being powerful is important to him. Let's see how he handles Big Brother's Power Trip.
  5. Danielle McMahon: Borehamwood Times: The strict Catholic, and lingerie model, says she has traditional values and will be giving housemates a telling-off if things get too naughty.
  6. Winston Showman: Borehamwood Times: The 27-year-old Essex boy says he's in it to win it, and has a life motto of "You don’t score till you score".
  7. Matthew Davies: Borehamwood Times: Another Hertfordshire housemate, Matthew looked a bit uncomfortable enterring the house, admitting "I don't like this at all".
  8. Kimberly Kisselovich: Borehamwood Times: The American model, 23, says she's prepared to be ruthless to get what she wants.
  9. Christopher Hall: Borehamwood Times: Christopher describes himself as a "serious journalist" but has traded all that in for a chance of fame.
  10. Pauline Bennett: Borehamwood Times: Final contestant Pauline Bennett,49, was given the show's first Power Trip last night, as she was given the chance to punish one housemate and reward another.

It's not just housemates who will be seeking control - viewers will also be given the power to manipulate housemates throughout the series.

The current ten contestants will be joined by another six in tonight's live show on Channel 5 from 9pm.