A parliamentary bill that will make it easier to film in Hertfordshire could be law by the end of the month.

The Filming on Highways Bill is awaiting the stamp of approval from the Queen after passing its third reading in the House of Commons yesterday.

The bill, promoted by Hertfordshire County Council, Elstree Studios and Hertsmere MP James Clappison, will make it easier to close roads in the county for film and TV companies.

When it is passed, film companies wishing to close a road will be able to apply for a film notice from the county council, closing the road for 24 hours with only 24 hours' notice.

The bill also makes provision for a film order, which has a longer period of notice, will enable a particular stretch of road to be closed for a maximum of six seven-day periods in a year.

Drivers who attempted to use a closed road would be issued with fines.

The new law would also allow the council to authorise objects such as static film cameras, lighting rigs or camera trucks to be placed on roads during filming.

Mr Clappison said: “The bill's rapid progress through the House is very good news.

“When this law receives royal assent Hertfordshire will become one of only two local authorities in the country to have powers such as this.

“It will attract big production companies to the county, which will bring great benefits to the local economy.”