The memory of a soldier who sacrificed his life to save his comrades in Afghanistan has been honoured by Tottenham Hotspur FC.

Coran Ashworth, whose brother Lance Corporal James Ashworth was killed in action in Helmand province last year, laid a poppy wreath at White Hart Lane stadium yesterday during the team’s match against Newcastle.

Lance Corporal Ashworth, whose sister Paige lives in Aycliffe Road in Borehamwood, was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross, the highest award for valour, after he died crawling along the ground to throw his last grenade at a sniper who had his team pinned down.

Before the one minute’s silence ahead of the kick-off, Coran placed his wreath on the centre circle as a mark of respect to those who have lost their lives in armed conflict.

Coran told the Spurs match day programme being asked to lay the wreath was a “massive honour” for him.

He added: “James was the big Spurs fan when we were growing up.

“If he were alive today, he would be mega proud of what he has done and that the country has recognised it. It is the highest achievement for anybody in the army and a big deal for a military family like ours.

“It meant a lot to my mum, especially as she knows now that there is support out there for the family and that James’s memory is not forgotten.

Paige told the Borehamwood Times she was “delighted” her brother had been recognised.

She said: “It makes me happy he saved all his friends, but it hurts me he took his own life.
“He could have gone back to save himself.

“I don’t think the pain will ever die down, especially as it’s still in the newspapers.

“But they’re all saying good things about him. It makes me happy they are talking about the Victoria Cross and everything else.”