The future of a music festival is in jeopardy over fears it will create excessive “noise pollution”.

Folkstock is a singing, dancing and poetry festival due to be held in Aldenham Country Park, Dagger Lane, in September.

However, neighbours are concerned the one-day event will be disruptive and cause a nuisance well into the night.

Residents of Romeland, Elstree, have written to Hertsmere Borough Council arguing the loud sounds will travel across the field, hitting their houses at “full volume”.

Four stages will be erected in the park and the householders feel it is “inappropriate” for the musical event to run into the evening.

Others living in Potters Mews, Elstree, have argued they have babies and young children and therefore the noise levels would travel into their houses.

In a letter to the council, they wrote: “We are concerned this will not be a one off event and would indeed set a precedence for the field to be used in years to come.”

There is due to be a licensing hearing about the issue on Tuesday at the civic offices, in Elstree Way, where officers will decide whether or not Folkstock can go ahead.

But organiser Helen Meissner, the managing director of Folkstock Arts Foundation, defended the “peaceful” event.

She added: “I was sad when I heard about the objections as I have tried so hard to make this a success.

“Iam trying not to worry about it - I do not want to paralyse my efforts.

“I am trying to meet the needs of the community and I will make sure it does not disrupt anything.

“It will be a safe environment for families and I’ll make sure there is no noise pollution. It is a shame people have objected, but we’ve had letters of support too.”

Mrs Meissner, a cancer survivor, has paid £2,000 for a sound report to ensure noise will not disrupt residents living nearby.

The 47-year-old has chosen to position the two quieter acoustic stages nearest to the road to ensure there will be minimal noise pollution to neighbours.

It is due to end at 11pm on Saturday, September 21 and Mrs Meissner said drum kits have been banned from the event to help respect the householders. Drums have also been banned from 10pm.

The Elstree & Borehamwood Greenbelt Society is also supportive of the Folkstock event, after weighing up the concerns of those living close to its proposed location.

Ann Goddard, of Deacons Hill Road, Elstree, said: “If all the precautions mentioned are carried out, there will be no harm in having this in Aldenham.

“I was impressed by the level of care Helen has shown in trying to minimise noise pollution.

“It’s unlikely to be a nuisance but if it is, we’ll learn for next time.”