Creative children learnt about recycling when they built a greenhouse made entirely out of plastic bottles.

And now pupils from Clore Shalom, in Hugo Gryn Way, Shenley, are looking forward to growing plants in their unusual hothouse.

During the project, the four to 11-year-olds from the school collected 1,500 two litre plastic bottles and set to work.

As it towered above them, the children all agreed they were impressed with what they had achieved.

Six-year-old Matan Brunner, who is in year two, said: “Just because kids are a bit little it doesn’t mean they can’t help build something big.”

Year Three pupil Sophie Weiner added: “The greenhouse was really fun to make because you had to put all the bottles on a stick and it was really hard to do.

“Now that it is built I want to grow some nice flowers in there.”

Recycling firm Sunberg teamed up with the school to help build the house, which will be used to show children what can be created when they recycle imaginatively.

Headteacher Sheree Oxenham said: “Seeing this project develop over the months has been really exciting.

“The commitment and shared vision of the whole school community brought together by this project has been so worthwhile.”