An empty chocolate box put in the wrong bin meant two week’s worth of recycling was not collected, Hertsmere Borough Council have confirmed.

Paul Pritchard, of Brownlow Road, Borehamwood, left the empty Thornton’s box in his brown recycling bin yesterday morning, thinking it was the correct one.

But the dad-of-two was left feeling bemused when he returned home from work to find his bin still full to the brim.

A statement from Hertsmere Council said: “It was not emptied because the cardboard was put in the wrong bin. This is a resident error because it should go in the green bin.

“We do not take out contaminated items left on the top of a bin – because it is likely there is more underneath, either deliberately or by mistake.

“We work hard to educate people about what can and cannot go in different bins and regularly send out information about on it.”