Octogenarian comic Sol Bernstein has seen it all. From working with legendary singer Elvis to assisting the career of Judy Garland, the 88-year-old has played all round the world.

At least that’s what the somewhat more sprightly 68-year-old comedian Steve Jameson – who plays the part of Sol – wants his Borehamwood audience to believe.

“When Sol started there wasn’t a rule or an idea but he was very clean, he was kind of your old uncle, or your old grandfather,“ explains Steve, who has performed under the bespectacled guise of the old-school Jewish stand-up for 12 years.

“As it’s progressed it has just got ruder. It’s kind of like: ’It’s OK, it’s only him’, you forgive an elderly relative,“ laughs the comedian, who was awarded The Spirit of the Fringe Award at the Edinburgh Festival in 2003.

Although Steve, who is friends with TV slapstick stalwart Harry Hill, can’t pin-point exactly where the character of Sol came from, he says he was inspired by old-fashioned comics such as Mel Brooks, Woody Allen and the Marx Brothers.

“It was just the natural thing for me to do, being Jewish; I love that old-school kind of comic,“ muses Stoke Newington-born Steve.

After beginning his performance career as a young musician in the 1960s, Steve decided to try his hand at comedy.

He says: “It was a particular time in my life. People say you’re really funny, you should be a comedian, so I thought: ’I’ll give it a try’. Really, it was as simple as that. I’ve always been a joker.“

But carving out a name for himself in a tough comedy circuit was not always simple and with plenty of difficult gigs under his belt Steve’s routine is all the stronger for it.

“You do this job because you really want to do it,“ muses the club comedian. “People don’t give up that easily.“

And he’s certainly not giving up on Sol any time soon, with a glowing review of his show from tough industry critic Kate Copstick of The Scotsman to his name.

“To be honest – as long as they’re laughing it’s great,“ he quips.

The All Star Comedy Show, Ark Theatre, Thrift Farm Lane, Borehamwood, Thursday, April 23, 7.30pm. Details: 020 8238 7288, thearktheatre.co.uk