Chris Ramsey has suffered some unexpected side-effects from his Strictly Come Dancing schedule.

The comedian has noticed physical changes already, after being put through his paces by partner Karen Hauer.

Ramsey claims that despite devouring whatever fast food he wants, dance preparations have given him an immediately improved physique.

However, profuse sweating has led to some skin problems for the funnyman.

He said: “I lost weight in the first week, we did five days of solid dancing and on the Friday I was sweating so much, I lifted up my top and Karen was like, ‘Oooh!’ I was like, ‘look, I’ve got a six pack!’

“Then Friday night I had a pizza, Saturday afternoon I had fish and chips – this is no word of a lie – Saturday night I had a curry, Sunday afternoon I had a KFC. The abs disappeared by Monday.

“But they’re on their way back. I’ve got an ab.

“For someone who never does exercise, I’ve been getting spots.

“I’ve been getting acne because I don’t have sweat on my face very often, because, A, I’m a clean freak, I wash my face all the time, and B, I don’t go to the gym.”

Ramsey said his wife Rosie, with whom he hosts a podcast, is “annoyed” about his physique.

He added: “I don’t put on weight that much anyway, I’m one of these really irritating people who can eat what they want.

“When I start putting weight on, I’ll start going to the gym, and my wife’s like, ‘It’s not fair, you already don’t put weight on and now you’re doing 10 hours of exercise a day, it’s really irritating’. But she’s really supportive.

“I showed my wife a video of the dance when we first did the full routine, and she welled up, she got teary-eyed.”

Ramsey will dance in his first Strictly routine on BBC One at 7pm.