One of the UK's most popular underground bands, The Spitfires, are back with their second album. The Watford-based band, whose previous album did well in the UK Albums Chart and got to number six in the independent and vinyl charts, have been described as the 'new sound of British rock' by Uber Rock.

The Spitfires enjoy a night out at Dome Bar and The Glenn and are Billy Sullivan, the 21-year-old frontman from Watford on vocals and guitar; Chris Chanell, 24, from Rickmansworth on the keys; 21-year-old Sam Long from Pinner on bass; and Matt Johnson, 21, from Abbots Langley on drums.

With their second album, A Thousand Times, due to be released today, this cutting edge band, who rehearse at Titan Studios are doing things their way including setting up their own record label, Catch 22, in order to have complete control over their music.

Vocalist Billy grew up in North Watford and went to Knutsford Primary School and Rickmansworth School but says his drive to be a musician had little to do with the classroom.

"I never really got on at school because from a very early age I knew what I wanted to do and how I was going to do it. So everything else seemed irrelevant and like I was wasting my time.

"I first got a guitar when I was seven for my birthday I think. No one else in my family played so there was never any instruments around before then.

I was taught at primary school by Karl Whitworth who was great and would let me get on with learning things that I wanted to play, instead of taking the sort of 'grade' road and sitting exams. I packed in having lessons once I got to about 11 though and just taught myself."

The band formed relatively recently when Billy met Sam and Matt through mutual friends in 2012 and were a three-piece for a couple of years before Chris joined in 2014. Describing their sound Billy says: "it's pop music - but in a traditional sense, not how people see it now. But it's also a mix of the music we listen to - punk, reggae, ska, Britpop."

Their energetic new album was recorded in Chelmsford at the end of last year. Billy sees it as quite a departure from their previous work.

He says: "The band have progressed a lot since our first album - even if it's only been a year. I think it's very different. Maybe not in terms of sound but the songwriting is different. I do all the writing and always have done. I find it quite easy and natural to do.

"With this album there's a lot of songs about the breakdown of a relationship. The struggles of everyday life, trying to make ends meet. Also one track Day To Day explores government and media agendas - how they can lead us to start turning on each other and quickly shifting the blame from themselves.

One of the tracks is called The Suburbs is it based on Watford?

Well the suburbs are the area surrounding London to me and also where the band have grown up/lived. Watford has been a main focus of a lot of my writing because of that - you're 20 minutes away from Euston yet feel a million miles away. All my family are originally from London so it's always been a big deal to me, since I was a kid."

So what's next for the band?

The album comes out Friday and then we tour the UK from September to November with a couple of dates in Germany thrown in the middle.

What’s on your rider?

Lager and cheese sandwiches

What have you learnt most about being a musician?

That you have to work. It's no good sitting there expecting everything to be handed to you on a plate. You have to go out and get it. That's the difference between The Spitfires and most other bands - we have a work ethic. We get in a van and we tour the country and we keep doing it.

Do you all have day jobs? If so, can you tell me what you all do?

I don't have a day job as I do this full time but the other lads do. It's only recently however, we've all had to balance it with day jobs before.

What charity will you be raising funds for at the gig on August 26?

We are raising money for local charity DRUM who provide day support and services to adults with physical and sensory disabilities. It's also to celebrate the release of our new album with comes out the same night. The venue is at a secret location which will be revealed on Thursday on our Facebook page ( gig is completely sold out.

A Thousand Times is out on Friday.