SUNNY Andre is someone who wants to take on the entertainment world in all its variety.

As the wife of Peter Andre's brother Danny, she has first-hand experience of the celebrity world and has tried her hand at presenting, acting, modelling, and is now embarking on a new singing career.

Born to Indian parents and raised in Harrow, Sunny, 32, will soon be heading to the studio to record her debut single, Goddess, a Bollywood pop song with R&B fusions.

She says: “I am not saying I am Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston but I will give it my all. I believe there is a gap in the market for this genre."

The song was written by Natalie Indya West and produced by The Next Room.

Natalie will also be featuring on the track, which has a special place in Sunny’s heart as it references her Indian background.

“It is a very difficult industry with few minorities but it is definitely on the up and it needs to increase. It would be nice to get a project out there and hopefully it will inspire others to follow their dreams as well,” she adds.

Sunny has always had a passion for entertainment and has followed her dream. She has worked hard to succeed in an industry that is hard to break into.

She adds: “My family always said I should go into modelling. After college, in my early twenties, I did as many photo shoots as I could, did castings online, and applied for jobs. I think it is very important to get work and build a portfolio and put yourself out there as much as possible.”

Ten years down the line she has been a TV host and presenter, worked in live television and played small parts in shows such as Celebrity Deal or No Deal and Identity, an ITV drama series.

The keen actress also won an exciting new role in a four-part television series, For The Love of Ella, written by Simon Golding, the details of which are still a secret. Sunny adds: “I can’t say too much because filming starts in the New Year. I have a small part in it, I play Shelly Stevens. It’s about a mad scientist, played by Ewen Macintosh, who wants to fall in love. He’s a great actor and I am very excited because not only am I working with him but also with people such as Melanie Sykes and Vicki Michelle.”

Sunny says she would love to develop her acting career further and has the TV soaps in mind: “I love EastEnders; that would be my dream, to be part of that. I love the real-life aspects of the show.

“The show has more actors from an ethnic background now, which is great. So if something ever came up I would jump at the opportunity.”

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