Creative students at Middlesex University have been hard at work showcasing their talents to the public with two exciting projects.

More than 800 final year students from across the university have painstakingly pieced together a giant version of the institution’s crest, using 44,000 tiny blocks of LEGO.

The sculpture took two weeks to complete.

The 1.9 metre-high crest was designed by the UK’s only certified LEGO professional, Duncan Titchmarsh, along with his team at the LEGO building company Bright Bricks.

Meanwhile, the university’s talented illustration students have been showcasing their carefully crafted artwork, inspired by books written about London in the 1930s.

The exhibition, entitled Louts, Love and London, draws inspiration from gritty, realist London literature in the inter-war period. Themes commonly written about during this time include the working class struggles in the aftermath of World War One.

Staff and student illustrators worked in and around London, drawing at locations described in the books, and have produced a collection of images which complement the stories which inspired them.

Middlesex illustration student Sachiko Oguri, 27, from Hendon, says: “I illustrated They Drive by Night by James Curtis, and selected the first chapter’s scene where the waiters sweep the all-night cafe’s floor, smoking.

"It’s been a great experience and I’m so pleased to have my work showcased in central London at the Poetry Café, which always has an amazing atmosphere.“

Poetry Café, Betterton Street, Covent Garden, ongoing until Saturday 28 February. Details: 020 8411 5000,