One of the UK’s top steampunk photographers is giving a talk at the Watford Camera Club later this month.

Gary Nicholls will be giving the talk, entitled ‘Reality is for people without imagination’, at the Quaker Meeting Room in Watford on Thursday, February 14.

This talk is designed to inspire the audience to try new ideas and ignore convention in creating a personal photography project.

Gary is the creator and author of The Imaginarium Trilogy, a 500 image fine art story. Meticulously crafted, it is a conceptualised neo-gothic fairy story based on the eponymous Victorian fairground attractions of The Imaginarium.

Borehamwood Times:

The Imaginarium tells an intricate, fantastical, dark but ultimately beautiful steampunk story through the unique medium of fine art images. Four years in the making, Gary’s creation is an epic adventure through the power of art.

Gary is sure to inspire listeners with his two key words of ‘imagine’ and ‘create’.

The final section of the talk goes through the Photoshop and lighting techniques used, finishing up with some handy tips on skin retouching and detail.

Gary is also available for a full night of Photoshop tutorial using techniques he uses in his work, covering shadows, skin retouching and detail enhancement.

Main Hall, Quaker Meeting Room, 150 Church Road, Watford, Thursday, February 14, 7.45pm. Details: