I have often been asked over the years why is it Elstree Studios is so named as it is located in Borehamwood. This is not a new question.

I have just been reading a film magazine from 1934 in which their reporter visited the studio and commented: "here is what is generally referred to as Elstree Studios but actually is over a mile away from the village of Elstree but so securely has that name become fixed in the public mind that it a synonym for film making."

We must remember back in the 1920s Boreham Wood, which was often spelt as two words, was just a village surrounded by farms. The railway station was called Elstree and the telephone exchange was ELS if anyone can recall when you dialled in that way. The only major studio that bucked the trend was the great MGM British Studios that used the credit made in Boreham Wood, England although ironically sited off Elstree Way.

The only studio actually located in Elstree village was the 1950s Danziger Brothers. Whilst it only lasted a few years it produced TV series and low budget films. Let us say it was cheap and cheerful, giving work to young actors and old timers.

Brian Clemens , who went on to a great screen writing career including creating The Avengers told me they would say we need a script that can include a restaurant, a submarine and a bar as we need to utilise these sets before we dismantle them.

Veteran director Ernie Morris recalled if you were over running on the schedule one of the brothers would visit the set and rip out pages of the script and say now you are back on time and make it work.

All these people are sadly no longer with us but I salute them.

I am tired and old but does today's expenditure equate to long lasting quality?

That is up to you decide. As for me I would rather watch Quatermass Two filmed by Hammer out of the Danziger Studio.Today I think film budgets are crazy but I am well past my sell-by date so until next time, bless you for reading and take care.