Chief instructor Kevin Pell picked up an award at the Combat black belt Hall of Fame.

The black belt ninth dan went with fourth dan Trevor Steward and their students to the awards ceremony at the Aston Villa conference centre.

It was a star studded evening from the martial art world with the likes of Terry O’Neil, Joe Long and Bill Wallace in attendance.

Pell, who has been teaching ju-jitsu at the Hawks Moore centre for the last 22 years, was met by the television crew and had an interview which will be televised early this year on ITV2.

The highlight of the evening for the Ishin Ryu students was to see their founder and chief instructor Pell awarded for the third time for his outstanding commitment and development to the martial arts over the last 46 yrs.

Also inducted into the Hall of Fame alongside Pell Hanshi was his long serving student of 17 years Steward Renshi.

The national coach for children’s training and development started at the Borehamwood Dojo back in 1995.