Borehamwood Water Polo Club reformed for one night only to play a friendly against Hertford.

Having not played together for 12 years and with many of the players coming out of retirement for the game, Borehamwood were unsure how things would go.

From the very start of the game Hertford piled on the pressure but Wood defended solidly before breaking to score. Starting the second quarter with a 1-0 lead, the Borehamwood players settled in and started to play the way they used to 15 to 25 years ago.

By half-time Borehamwood were leading 4-2. During the third quarter Hertford capitalised on the fact that many of the Borehamwood players were not as fit as they used to be. The third quarter ended 5-3 to Borehamwood.

After a quick team talk Wood went on to take control of the fourth quarter by defending solidly and making the Hertford players chase the ball as they ended up 8-4 winners.

Borehamwood won the game through solid team work and after the match the proud players celebrated at a local Hertford Indian restaurant.

The side featured Dax Cain, Ian Parkins, Martin Unwin, Colin Unwin, Steve Chambers, Kevin Block, Phil Green, Mike Radford, Rob Threadgold, Richard Hime and Danny Hawthorne.

Hertford want a re-match and the Borehamwood players are open to the idea of playing again next year.