Borehamwood’s Fifth Dan Sensai Kevin O’Sullivan has helped train a couple of Tigers Shotokan Karate members to win black belts.

Harry Taylor, Luke Boorman, Nicola Li and Christopher Gurney accomplished their dream by attaining their black belt under Sixth Dan Chief Instructor Vando De-Bellis of Tigers Shotokan Karate.

The group all started at their local club between the ages of six and seven and have been training twice a week for one and half hours each session.

They took the grade in front of a gruelling panel of three senior karate instructors, fellow karate ka and family and friends. The quartet had to demonstrate their understanding of advance level Kihon (Basics), Kata (Form) and Kumite (Sparring).

Li is a student at Marlborough School, Gurney at Sandringham and train in St Albans under Sensei Vando. Both Boorman and Taylor attend Hertswood Academy and train under O’Sullivan.

Sensei Vando said: “They all started very young not truly understanding the meaning of learning the art of Karate.

“They are very different people from when they first walked into our dojo. They must be very proud of what they have achieved today and they will learn to appreciate the true meaning of this.

“They will have an advantage and experience over their peers, when applying for university. Everyone at the club is very delighted, an excellent result.”

Tigers have classes in Borehamwood. Beginners are welcome anytime.

For more information call 01727 840773.