Borehamwood teenager Jodie Hall Mcateer qualified for the Horse of the Year show after winning the Squibb Group Pony Foxhunter second round at the Pony Premier Show.

The 14-year-old was competing on her mother’s eight-year-old grey gelding The Little Squire at the event in Cheshire.

With three direct qualifying tickets available for the Squibb Group Pony Foxhunter Championship Final at the Horse of the Year Show in October, each starter was hoping to claim one of these places as their own.

In a well-fought jump off, just three combinations managed to secure a treble clear, which meant that the qualifying slots were secured.

The clock then decided the order of the places with the overall winner being declared as Mcateer and The Little Squire. The combination delivered their treble clear in a time of 43.33 seconds.