I was interested to read the letter from David Lloyd.

Unfortunately the second paragraph kept drawing me back. Mr Lloyd implies that the people of Borehamwood are getting a new £6 million facility and should therefore not be grumbling about other facilities that are being taken away.

Surely this is not free and the £6m (if it stays on budget) has come out of our taxed income.

When decisions are being made about what our rates will be spent on we have every responsibility to make sure that, firstly money needs to be spent and secondly it is being spent on what we need. In the current economic climate and in general we should maintain buildings on a regular basis and unless they are no longer fit for use or purpose we should not be wasting money.

I’d like to have a rant about Hertsmere Council and Hertfordshire County Council. The awful condition of some of the roads and pavements near my house; the huge puddle outside Allum Hall when it rains; privatisation of public services leading to the destruction of a once good (in the Seventies and Eighties) bus service to Watford and St Albans; and the unfriendly recyling facilities at Allum Lane where you have to give the life history of everything you are trying to dispose of— but I won’t. Suffice to say there are a lot of other things that £6m could be used for.

Bridie Dennis
The Rise, Elstree