I note that many street lights in Borehamwood are being turned off from midnight to early morning.

Previously, when the street lights in my road were out for any reason, we had vandalism and thefts. We had hub caps stolen from our cars and my daughter and neighbour had their wing mirrors broken.

There are many paths in Borehamwood which are dark to walk down at night even with the lights on. I dare not think how people who live in these paths feel about walking to their own homes with the lights now being switched off.

Currently there is an advert on the radio from the police department giving advice on how to reduce crime. The first comment advises us to park under a street light. This decision to switch the lights off is merely playing into the hands of the opportunists. Surely, just before Christmas, when there are opportunists out there looking for cheap presents, is not the time to try save money.

I understand that the council needs to economise, but surely putting Christmas lights up in the High Street is of less priority than people’s safety. Please could you reconsider your decision to turn the lights off, or at least until after Christmas.

Carol Stern
address supplied