I would like to share my concerns about the switching off of our street lights from 11.50pm until approximately 6am.

I am very worried that by doing this it leaves us all vulnerable to crime.

What do we pay our council tax for? Looking out of my window last night the street was in total darkness, leaving anyone walking along it vulnerable to being attacked.

It’s all very well turning the lights off at midnight, but what about the people who work night shifts and go to work at 2am, such as nurses or doctors?

How fair is it to them that they are subjected to darkness?

Surely the council can find a better way. I have contacted them suggesting perhaps putting just every other light on or every third light on, so that at least there is some light.

I do appreciate that they need to make savings, but at what cost to the people who live in darkness now?

J Williams
Cromwell Road, Borehamwood