Following a public meeting on Wednesday, October 12, about the future purpose of the Threeways Community Centre and Arundel Social Club, I am extremely concerned.

The management of the Threeways has gone out to tender. The three companies that are bidding are all leisure centre owners: SLM, Circle and Hertsmere Leisure. It would appear that the Threeways is set to become a commercial health club of some kind.

It was also discussed that the contract of agreement would include housing a clinic for the obese and those with behavioral difficulties. To my knowledge, this should be the job of central Government, not the local council.

To reiterate my personal opinion outlined in a previous letter and that of the local community (the petition “Save The Bar” contained some 700 local signatures), there are many who believe that losing our social club will mean we lose a local and affordable venue and place to meet.

I believe that the council is overlooking the value to residents that the social club brings on many levels and is totally disregarding our concerns by privatising another local facility. Describing the possible effect of such action, D Michael, police licensing officer said in a recent letter to Karen Ward, chair of Arundel Social Club: “I feel that the club and the centre as a whole make a very valuable contribution to enhancing the overall social environment of the locality around its immediate vicinity. Conversely, curtailment of its activities could, in my opinion, have a detrimental effect on community solidarity and could consequently give rise to an increase in antisocial behaviour which, in turn, often leads on to more serious crime and disorder.”

Is this what the council and us, the residents want for Borehamwood and our future generation?

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