I am writing to express my gratitude and thanks to the headteacher of Hertswood School, Jan Palmer Sayer, and her staff.

Under her leadership, my children are fortunate to be experiencing some of the best secondary education available in Hertfordshire.

Since my son started at Hertswood, the teachers’ work to educate and nurture him is such that he has grown into a successful, confident, ambitious individual.

My daughter in Year 8 is also benefiting from the same professional, enthusiastic approach.

My letter has been prompted by the recent uniform issue at Hertswood School, in which a few parents send their children to school wearing canvas shoes (‘Parents angry at school shoe policy’, Borehamwood & Elstree Times, October 7).

I am surprised by the attitude of some parents, particularly in the current financial and employment climate, that there is resistance to supporting a headteacher, who is trying to instill values that will help our children succeed.

I feel very lucky to have a secondary school in Borehamwood of which I can feel proud. The academic results at Hertswood are improving year on year, thanks to the hard work and dedication of the head teacher and her staff.

I know I am not alone in fully supporting the headteacher, who has created a first-class educational environment for our children such that we can use our local school without worrying that we are compromising our children’s futures.

Dianne Jolley
Caishowe Road, Borehamwood