Mother's Day is on Sunday 18 March, which only leaves one full shopping weekend before Mums special day. Don't panic if you have not yet got her a gift, we have been out in The Broadwalk Centre to see what our shops are offering for Mother's Day. From cards, flowers and chocolates, to jewellery, perfume toiletries, you can find it all under one roof at The Broadwalk Centre. And don't forget we give you one and a half hours of FREE parking every day, and our shops are open weekdays until 7pm. So if you haven't got time to shop this weekend, you have until 7pm all next week.

We all love our mums dearly, but might not always show her or tell her how much we care. Here are our top buys to ensure mum feels extra special this Mother's Day.

1 - Tatty Teddy - £19.99 from Clinton Cards 2 - Chanel Coco Mademoiselle - £61 from Boots 3 - Pink Roses - starting from £5 from Flowers for You - order your bouquet now on 020 8951 5430 4 - Olay Regenerist 3 Pont Cream - £15.29 from Superdrug 5 - Swarovski Necklace - £49.99 from David Deyong 6 - Chocolate Butterflies - 4.99 from Marks & Spencer prices correct at time of press And if you are planning to give her breakfast in bed, or make her a delicious dinner, Marks & Spencer and Sainsbury's have all you need to ensure your culinary creations are perfect.

Love Broadwalk x

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