How much things can change in one day.

If you’d asked me yesterday what I thought of the dynamics in the house, I’d have said Gary was rude, abrupt and rather aggressive during his confrontation with James.

But in last night’s show it was little, unassuming and charming Leslie who became the instigator of the arguments.

Leslie’s outburst at Gary was shocking, extreme and really rather nasty.

While Leslie preaches about kindness, respect and understanding, he is the most aggressive one vocally in the house and his torrent of abuse in primarily focused on Gary.

Interesting, though, how he chose to become more vocal as the hard-of-hearing 70-year-old was walking away.

Later that night his nasty tongue turned on Frenchy, who has been nothing but kind and inquisitive of all her new housemates.

Leslie launched his attack because she was making a lot of noise when she came into the bedroom with Lauren, but the scornful way he spoke to her completely out of proportion.

Maybe his personality will improve after he gets some sleep as he repeatedly complains of being tired. But that begs the question, why go into the Big Brother house if you're so used to living on your own that you're intolerant of everybody else?

One of the best things about the show is that very few people, if any, can keep a performance going for more than a few daysand Leslie’s mask is starting to slip.

If he continues his scornful tirade on housemates in the hope of ostracising them, the only one that’s going to be left out in the cold is him.

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