A DECISION is expected today as to whether a judge at the High Court rules in favour or against an appeal by Helioslough, for permission to build a railfreight terminal in Radlett.

The hearing at the London court ended yesterday, with the developer, St Albans District Council and campaign group STRiFE giving evidence.

STRiFE has contested the developer's plans to erode the preicious Green Belt in order to built the terminal, and argued in court that alternative sites such as in Colnbrook would have less impact on the Green Belt.

The group say Colnbrook is a better site than the former Radlett Aerodrome. Helioslough, however, maintained during the hearing that its plans for Radlett should be pushed ahead.

The judge is due to make his ruling this morning.

If Helioslough is victorious, Radlett residents will be faced with a huge 330,000 sqaure metre depot on their doorstep.