Hertfordshire County Council has launched a campaign in line with National No-Smoking day to remind people of the risks of fire from unattended cigarettes.

The day’s campaign is run by the British Heart Foundation and encourages smokers to 'take a leap' to a smoke free future.

The county council has also pointed out the risks of fire as a result of being a smoker and Hertfordshire Fire service have attended a number of incidents where people have been injured or died as a result of fire started from cigarettes.

The fire service has come up with a number of safety rules for people to remember including, never leaving a lit cigarette, cigar or pipe unattended, using a proper ashtray, never smoking in bed and keeping matches and lighters away from children.

The rules also state people should make sure they have a working smoke alarm and when they put out a cigarette, they make sure it is really put out.

For more information about fire safety and to book a free home fire safety check contact 0300 1234046.