Concerns have been raised about a proposed housing development and the impact it will have on parking, traffic and the community as a whole, at the former site of Radlett Fire Station.

The plans, which are for 18 apartments in Watling Street, were on display last night and were met with anger from people who want to see the site used for the community.

Others were concerned with the amount of parking available for people living in the apartments and the impact the build will have on traffic near the site.

Steven Oakes-Monger, who campaigned against the closure of the fire station in 2007 said: “The site has served the community for such a long time and that’s what we want to see it used for, but building homes isn’t going to serve the community.

“I think it’s despicable that a site that has served the people of Radlett for so long is just being turned into something that isn’t going to help the area."

Tony Smith, former commander of Radlett fire station said: “The community have not been listened to. The county council just carried on regardless and just sold it off.”

Those campaigning against the development would like to see the site used as a police station or as a base for the ambulance service.

Concerns were also raised about parking and how vehicles may spill out onto Park Road, which is opposite the site.

The build will have a 24 space underground car park, one for each of the 18 apartments, and six for people working at the space, designated for community use.

The new development, built by Beechwood Homes, will comprise 18 apartments, with one-three bedroom with wheelchair access, 16 two-bedroom and a single one-bedroom.

It will be two stories high with living space in the loft, and it will also include a 2,475 ft community space on the ground floor.

This space is yet to be allocated, but it is hoped it will be used as a doctor or dentist surgery, which Beechwood Homes hope will benefit the community of Radlett.

Katy Jordan, development director from Beechwood Homes, said: “We hope we have addressed most of the concerns people may have about the build already as part of our application requirements.

"We will look at people’s responses from the evening and take them into account as we move forward.”

Campaigners have said they will now take their concerns to Hertsmere Borough Council planning committee, which will need to decide whether to give the plans the go-ahead.

Beechwood Homes will submit a planning application to Hertsmere Borough Council next month.