Panels highlighting the film history in the borough were unveiled on Friday.

The two boards are placed outside the new Studio Plaza housing complex, in Studio Way, Borehamwood – the site of the former MGM Studios.

Each panel lists the names and photographs of stars who worked at the studios, such as Oscar winning film star Grace Kelly and director Alfred Hitchcock.

In a special ceremony, Mayor Pat Strack unveiled the panels, which were commissioned by film group First Impressions.

Also at the event was film director Jan Harlan, brother-in-law of screenwriter and producer Stanley Kubrick.

He said: “MGM at Borehamwood was in a class of its own, and for me it was a very special place to work. I am delighted to see it celebrated in this way.”

They were jointly sponsored by Borehamwood and Kenilworth Councillors, Pat Strack and Richard Butler.