A  beauty spot has been blighted by dog poo and fly tippers who keep dumping garden waste on the footpaths.

Clive Butchins, part of the Elstree and Borehamwood Greenbelt Society, is angry about the “disgusting” amount of dog mess left in Woodcock Hill, Elstree.

He is also calling on “selfish” people to stop leaving chopped down branches, twigs and leaves in the area, which is on the greenbelt.

He said: “Both these problems are really disgusting and make me increasingly angry. I wish people would start treating the land with more care instead of being so selfish.

“It is rather unfair to the people who just want a nice quiet stroll in the field.

“I am sure that dog droppings could be a health hazard. These thoughtless and unsocial dog owners also do not realise how unhealthy it could be to young kids for example.”

Mr Butchins urged dog users to use the special bins at the Carrington Avenue and Milton Drive entrances of the hill.

He is now calling anyone who spots people dumping any waste in the area to report them to the Woodcock Hill Committee and to Hertsmere Borough Council.

He added: “This valuable community resource has been turned into an eyesore and that seems very unfair.

“Of course I do not mind people walking their dogs and I know that not every single dog owner is to blame – but they should leave it as they wish to find it.”