Musicians in the Borehamwood Brass Band are gearing up to visit the town’s twin city in Germany.

The band’s 20 members will be visiting Offenburg for the first time in 14 years on September 28, to play at a wine festival.

Alan Gibbins, the band’s club secretary, has spent months planning the three-day trip to ensure it is a success.

The 80-year-old, who plays the cornet and the horn, said: “We have been having many rehearsals over the last few weeks.

“It has been difficult planning it so right now I am quite worried that something will go wrong beforehand, but once I am there I am sure it will be great.

“I hope it will be an enjoyable weekend.”

The band will be giving an open air concert in the town’s historic market place, as part of the annual Weinfest celebrations.

Borehamwood Brass used to visit a similar German band in Offenburg every four years throughout the 1980s.

But when the German band split up in 2002 the visits stopped, and the last time Borehamwood Brass visited the city was in 1998.

Mr Gibbins, who lives in Gables Avenue, added: “The band was always really hospitable when we visited in the past, and even though they split up, we hope the members will be at the wine festival and remember us.

“We are looking forward to enjoying visiting Germany like we used to and hoping this will help Borehamwood Brass rebuild some links with Offenburg.”