Spending a whole weekend with your heart pumping, out of breath and sweating is not everyone’s idea of fun.

But Julian Goodkind, of Theobold Street, Borehamwood, will be doing just that.

The 31-year-old has set himself a challenge of doing 10,000 press ups over a two day period to raise money for Hendon based charity Grief Encounter, a which supports children after a parent has died.

He said the unique stunt will be a tough one – but knows he is putting his body through stress for a worthy cause.

He added: “I will be very nervous on the day. Despite hours of training I know how tough it is going to be but I am very determined to do it for these children.

“I will be having regular rest periods throughout the day and anticipate that I can do around seven thousand press ups in the first 12 hours, and complete the rest the next day.

“It is going to be intense but I am looking forward to it.”

The music publisher will be taking on his gruelling challenge at the Laboratory Gym in Hendon in three weeks time, health permitting. 

Mr Goodkind knows firsthand the importance of the charity because he lost his dad, Wallace, when he was 12 to a sudden heart attack.

“My family and friends are going to be there cheering me on, but it is my dad’s memory that is going to spur me on.

“When he died, there were no charities like Grief Encounter around but it would have made a real difference to me.”

So far, he has raised £1,800 but hopes to reach his goal of £2,500 before the charity stunt.

To sponsor him, visit http://www.justgiving.com/Julian-Goodkind