A mother whose puppy was killed by another dog has started a campaign to make muzzles compulsory.

Charlotte Martin decided to launch the campaign after her 16-week-old Jack Russell, Jack, was mauled to death in front of her four-year-old daughter an unprovoked attack last Thursday.

The Facebook campaign, called “Justice for Jack”, has already attracted 2,000 members in just over 48 hours.

The 24-year-old said: “Every dog of every breed, size and weight should be muzzled when they are out in public.

“Some dogs are lovely natured but every dog has a breaking point. The dog that killed Jack had never had a history of violence.

“Muzzles are not a big ask, it is a matter of public safety. I could be sat here grieving my daughter, if I had not pulled her away.”

“Something needs to change.”

The puppy had been bought as a present for her daughter, Lillie-Anne, just a month before.

The youngster has taken comfort in knowing he is “in the stars with angels” and enjoys visiting a memorial for Jack built by a neighbour.

She added: “Seeing Jack die was horrible.

“Lillie-Anne and I had just taken him out for his morning walk when the dog ran over, picked him up and started shaking him, then slammed him to the floor.

“There was blood everywhere. I had to stand and watch, powerless, as my puppy squealed in pain.

“The dog’s owner was mortified too. They suffered like I did so I do not blame them at all for what happened.”

The other dog was put down the same day, and Jack died of his injuries at Medivet’s in Shenley Road, after they opened the practice an hour early in a bid to save him.

Miss Martin, who works in Argos, now plans to go national with her plight by speaking to MPs and councillors.